The Seven Goblets of Humanity

Nives Widauer & Lobmeyr

To mark Lobmeyr’s 200th anniversary, Nives Widauer was commissioned to create a family of seven suitably festive vessels with elaborate, masterfully executed copper
wheel engravings. Swiss artist Widauer plays with classic coat-of-arms motifs, transforming them – although only noticeable at second glance – into ornamentations
that draw from human body shapes. The foundation of the design is seven lidded cups, each a different size and shape – archaic, festive drinking vessels with symbolic power.

“My Goblets of Humanity are the bearers of a way of thinking that has solidified within me,” says the artist, “namely, that humanity must urgently fit into nature instea of placing itself above it if we are to live continue living as we do on planet Earth.”

Accordingly, she has assigned each of the seven goblets a characteristic – courage, respect, responsibility, empathy, curiosity, mindfulness, and resilience – which are
the cornerstones of a future-oriented, sustainable, and humanistic society.

The Seven Goblets were first shown at the ‘Ashes and Sand’ show curated by Alice Stori Liechtenstein at Schloss Hollenegg and then at the Lobmeyr exhibition ‘Glitz and Glamour’ at the Mak, curated by Alice Stori Liechtenstein and Rainald Franz.


Assistant for Illustrations: Lina Schubert (Studio Sprosse)
Video: Fiona Hauser