Lora et ses amies

Watercolor on print
49 x 33 cm

"..In Lora et ses amies the artist decorates coloured prints of various parrot pictures by Edward Lear. People have a particular fascination for parrots. They are known to be highly intelligent. Their life expectancy is roughly that of humans, but it is their capacity for imitating voices, of 'talking', that forms a mirror-image relationship to people. The blaze of colour of the plumage and the feathers of the birds portrayed are taken by the artist as the starting point, and she adds individual human extremities to the illustrations. Usually these are female legs painted on in watercolour that extend from the bodies of the parrots, and each time they are given a particular individual shape. Nives Widauer gives the works titles with women's names from literature, from her circle of friends or from fantasy, thus combining the real with the fictitious, and emotional camouflage with emotional sensitivity." Sabine Schaschl taken from her contribution to the book "do i dream or am i alive?", chapter "kombinatorik"